Google Penguin Algorithm Update is coming 2015

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June 29, 2017
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June 29, 2017
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Google Penguin Algorithm Update is coming 2015


Release of the new version of google penguin update is more crucial this year in the month of December 2015. In the Past google penguin algorithm is generally effective for targeting off page such as over Link building, Irrelevant social bookmarking, blog comment, forum posting and too much directory submission.

Real Time Penguin

Google discovered the link which is removing and disavow them; the penguin algorithm is a process that requires an algorithm penalty which is suitable for the website. This is most important factor google algorithm process to control the spam over the internet.Penguin is mostly rely on the crawler and spider that refreshing the data with no of changes so website can rank easily in the format of google point of view.

Fighting Web Spam

Problems of Google Penguin Updates

Some of the major problem for the website is targeted by some unnatural linking, duplicated content, keyword stuffing, low page rank , low domain authority website linking, over link building, blog comment, forum posting and other methods which is developed that continuously spam overall the website.

Tips for Google Penguin Algorithm Updates

Increase of Keyword Density in Website content Up to 4%.Quality Backlinks with natural link building target niche categories.Increase Social Media Presence through blogs and website. Heading Tags in Content with H1 and H2.

Further More Google Algorithm Updates

Text Formatting of Content Paragraph,Responsive Mobile Website Integrated with Mobile Optimization,Text Formation of Content Paragraph,Image Optimization Alt Tag.

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